Saturday, August 24, 2013

The M.O'C Wedding Registry …for YOU!

We don't really need any wedding gifts, but if you INSIST,  here are a few helpful suggestions.
#1- A vintage rotating KFC bucket installed on top of our house.

#2 A motel "Color TV" sign by the front door.
Only because I like to rub it in the neighbors faces that we always have the
most up to date electronics at the M.O'C Manor!
#3 Every outfit from the 1959 Fredricks of Hollywood catalog. Keep in mind that Alyson is  5' 10" and 45-25-40 (approx)- so please make sure they're all the proper fit.

#4 For Mitch- Since he's a Star, of course he should ONLY be wearing selections from the
"Lew Magram -Shirtmaker to the Stars" collection.

#5 Not that I'll need the reminder, but it'll make me even more cool
among my buddies and result in endless hi-fives.

#6, 7 and 8 are items I've surprisingly NEVER seen ANYWHERE!
Start scouring your local garage sales now!

#9 Do I have to explain how important it is to have a lifesize nude woman table? Really?
#10 Next time you're at Wisconsin's House on the Rock, please pick up the "Throne of Passion" for me.
fyi- it might take 2 to carry it to the car.

#11 If no one's looking, quickly take this off the wall at Miami's World Erotic Art Museum.
The cool thing is that the painting ACTUALLY WINKS.
You can plainly see that it's not fair that they have it and I don't.

More to be added as soon as they spring to mind!

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