Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dixie Evans, Burlesque Superstar!

Dixie Evans, The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque is the beloved Godmother of the new burlesque movement and during her birth week, performers and burlesque instructors from all over the world will host events, shows and classes to raise money for the burlesque legend and founder of The Miss Exotic World Pageant. With shows and classes already confirmed in NYC, LA, Dallas, Toronto, Australia and more, this is going to be a bawdy burlesque-packed week in honor of Dixie Evans. Help us honor the woman who kept burlesque alive and helped make the resurgence the wild success that it is!
Why does Dixie need our help now more then ever? In January of this year, Dixie suffered a stroke. She is currently residing in an assisted living facility and receiving physical therapy. While the care Dixie is receiving is good, we in the burlesque community want to guarantee that level of care, and ensure that Dixie has access to every opportunity to speed her recuperation and continue to make her as comfortable as possible, including more access to physical and speech therapy. Our goal throughout this week of celebration goes beyond just raising funds for this amazing woman; we want to show her just how much the burlesque community loves and appreciates the hard work she put into not only preserving the history of burlesque, but fanning the flames of the new burlesque.
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