Monday, April 22, 2013

Ann Arbor Michigan "World's Greatest Artist" Booksigning Event!

Saturday, May 18th 2013
The Vault of Midnight Book Store
219 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Join me as I triumphantly return to my hometown of Ann Arbor Michigan for a booksigning at the world famous Vault of Midnight bookstore located at 219 S. Main Street!
I attended a year at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, 3 years at Clague Middle School and my Sophmore year at Huron High School.
In short, I damn well better get a parade in my honor that weekend!

To make this an event as exciting as would be proper for someone of my stature, the Vault of Midight has gone all out to rock your everlo
vin' mind!

The most amazing burlesque performers of the mitten state will be there to entertain-
Dolly Dagger and Gala Delish!
Gallery Show of Mitch O'Connell masterpieces!
Adult Beverages will be offered!
Free gifts!
Multiple Balloons!
And, best of all, Mitch O'Connell- IN PERSON!

21+ (because it might be too intense for the younger folks)!

Join the Facebook Event page at-
The Gorgeous Gala Delish- IN PERSON!

The Stunning Dolly Dagger- IN PERSON!

I tripped over a long forgotten box of my first SOLD-OUT set of $100 tattoo flash, and will be giving away one to each of the first 6 people in line to get a book signed!
Now you'll be able to open up your own tattoo shop!
THIS JUST IN (part 2)!
If the God's are willing, and I get 10 art lovers in the signing line, along with the first 6 getting a free set of tattoo flash, the final 4 will each get a free limited edition signed black light poster!
Whoops! I just wet myself with all the excitement!
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Below I'll jot down a few ye olden days Ann Arbor memories
as they spring to mind (updated frequently)!

At around 13 started to be overtaken with the desire to be a comic book artist, and for the next 7 years collected official rejection letters starting that I wasn't quite ready to join the hallowed halls of Marvel or DC. In the meantime, while waiting for to accomplish that goal, I  plastered my art all over comic fanzines. My first published piece was a spot illo in The Comics Buyers Guide (a newspaper for funny book fans) livening up a column titled, "Beautiful Balloons". The next day my triumph was cut out and thumbtacked to the wall at "The Eye of Agamotto" (the local Ann Arbor comic shop) with the added ballpoint proclamation, "Local Artist Makes Good!". Take THAT DC and Marvel!
A still-life piece from art class during my Freshman year at Huron High.
Can you guess the one article that wasn't in the actual teacher set-up display?

A Clague Middle School declaration of my genius!

As an Ann Arbor native, my artistic footprint is all over the town.
In this case, enjoy the sophomore M.O'C designed
Rhythm Rat for our Huron High marching band!

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