Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Most Ominous Advertising of All Time!

Pal Ron Murphy emailed these 2 images that seem to be the
artwork for a series of shirt or car ads from the 50s.
Never before I have I seen a character in a painting so
obviously contemplating the bloody murder of his entire family.
If anyone has the entire advertisement as it appeared, please let me know.
I can't wait to collect the whole series of serial killer dads!


  1. The bottom one is definitely 'I'll show them, yes... I'll show them all'

  2. What site did your pal Ron Paul (sorry, Ron Murphy) see these images on? Wasn't there any info about them?

  3. Mystery solved!

    Hi Mitch,

    Re: the most ominous adv of all time post, these are not car or shirt ads. These are ads for Goodyear.

    Vintage goodyear ads can also be creepy

    If you use flickr, I invite you to join the vintage advertising group, which I moderate

    You can browse the photostream even if you are not a flickr member, but many photos (ads) are available to flickr members only.