Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Dream Catcher!

It's "Via Sweno," a new scientific breakthrough helmet that records your dreams! Was this constructed at MIT, Stanford or Harvard? NO! 16 year old Lane Tech student Leo O'Connell, armed just with what was in his room, has knocked the entire egghead community on their collective ass!
It's simple!
First, put in the ear buds.
Second, put on the vision blocking goggles.
Third, turn the starter key.
Fourth, push the button.
Fifth, sleep and dream.
Some slight problems- you can't lie down 'cause the helmet would break and the dreams are supposed to be recorded in the helmet, but we're not sure if that really works or not- but that's just nit-picking!
The most amazing thing? This is for extra credit in Spanish class. Don't ask me how!

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