Monday, March 12, 2012

Vote in the Rondo Awards! It's FUN (I swear)!

If I may be so bold-
Since the country is in a voting mood, the Rondo Awards (for all things horror) are here!
While you're choosing my Rue Morgue John Waters illustration in the Best Magazine Cover category (#16), why the heck not write me in fo
r best artist too (#28)?!
Please follow the link and cast your ballot (by emailing the answers to…

Other choices? Pick your favorites (and maybe learn about a bunch of great magazines/podcasts/events that exist), but a few suggestions are (no offense to anyone I've missed, I'm only familiar with about 1% of the nominees)-
12. Best Magazine - they're all great, but only one had me do a cover- RUE MORGUE!
14. Best Interview - again, Rue Morgue for the Rusty Nails John Waters interview!
16. Best Magazine Cover- Rue Morgue #111
20. Best Fan Event - the Music Box Massacre Film Fest (ya gotta write this one in!)
21. Favorite Horror Host of 2011 - Svengoolie!
23- write in "The Projection Booth," the podcast with quite an amazing logo!
28. Artist of the Year (pro)- (blush) Mitch O'Connell!

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