Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mitch's Gallery Reviews!

After a Friday evening of enjoying the gallery opening night in Chicago, let me put my many years of gallery going and art appreciation to use and advise you, like Consumer Reports, on the best of the best (and, more importantly, just what to avoid)!

First stop, the Catherine Edelman Gallery. WATER? WTF!!! How in the hell am I ever going to get in the right frame of mind to plunk down $2000 on some "artistic" nonsense if I'm not drunk out of my gourd?
Zero stars!

The Schneider Gallery. Some white wine. That'll do, but after my 6 glass (Mitch "Just fill it to the top" O'Connell) they started to suggest that I might want to take a break and actually look at the art. The NERVE!
Two Stars.
The Judy A. Saslow Gallery. Enough snacks to break up into two sections. I like their spunk!
Three Stars!
But the winner of the evening, with cheese and crackers, multi choices in wine AND candy PLUS stacks of reserves behind the table, was the Vale Craft Gallery.
As the champion they had the honor and thrill of me unfolding my portable chair smack dab in front and regaling the hostess and patrons with fascinating stories of my action packed life in the illustration biz.
"…and then they said they wanted it OVERNIGHT! Well I just said that'll be $50 more, and that was FINAL!"
"...then there was the magazine that only had $5000 in the budget for a piece. I had to remind them that they were talking to THE Mr. Mitchell O'Connell!"
"…and another time…!"
Those LUCKY, LUCKY people!

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