Friday, August 12, 2011

Wizard World #1!

For the first time in a 4-5 years, son Leo said he wanted to go to the Chicago Comic Con, so I dropped $70 for 2 one day tickets (I pulled out the charm (verbally) on the ticket gal, but couldn't get 'em any cheaper. Seems that Leo now is the official charm flame bearer, as he was stopped by 2 young ladies who squealed, "That's a great t-shirt!", and, "I like your hair!"). It used to be our annual event where'd I'd get him to pose with all the costumed characters (except Bart, whom he ran away from, and spent the rest of the day looking over his shoulder in fear that he'd appear), then when we got home (after always falling asleep in the car) he'd spend the evening going through a bushel of free loot. Not so much this year. Granted, a Thursday, but only half a dozen dressed up fans and none of those major set-ups for movie studios or comic companies where the freebies previously were tossed out. In their place were row after row of (now unoccupied) spaces to pay (generally) $35 an autograph for (God Bless them) folks I never heard of (and they never heard of me, so we're even). I take that back, all one empty table needed to be the coolest place in town was the sign "Pam Grier". I might have to go back just to propose.
Pictured- M.O'C winner of the best costume, the star of "Unicorn City, The Movie".

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