Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tura Satana Tribute!

A very old (well, 1989 I think) Speed Racer comic that I had the pleasure of doing the cover!


  1. Uh, Mitch...that was Lamar Waldron who wrote that issue with Tura--er, "Satin Turana" in it. I believe Brian was the inker on Joe Phillips's pencils. Could you fix that in the caption, please, for Lamar's sake? The funny thing is that usually I'm the one who gets left out of the historical record, not him.

    Thanks so much for the beautiful covers you did for that series. I know you shared our passion for Miss Satana, and this cover art was the most superb of all! With Tura--er, SATIN drawing Speed's blood with her stiletto heel, and the Comics Code seal apparently endorsing the mayhem...!

    Seriously--THANKS, Mitch.