Friday, January 14, 2011

Mitch Gives Back! Part Three!

I have 3 photos of the same player. One bald, one with hair and one bald with a beard. Which one to use? Close my eyes and point.
They seem to be wearing different shoes. Does the offense wear something different than the defense? I can't make out the design on the side, should I Google for better shoe reference? No. Just make sure the shoes look like they're shoes.
Also stopped erasing.
Scanned the pencils of the main image by 5pm. Realized I had some crazy proportion issues so, thank goodness for Photoshop, resized heads, arms and whole bodies. Also saw that, obviously, the pencils looked much more scratchy than finished inks so I continued with that look and started coloring loosely with a brush tool that emulated the hairs on a real brush. At this point I pushed the sketch feel hoping that it would look like a decision I had made instead of an accidental mess (thinkin' the truth lies somewhere in the middle).
Mike had it by 9pm then explained to me that he has one hour left until press time... could I get the other spots done? This time, sadly, the answer was no. I like/dislike these quick turnarounds because they give you a chance to flex your basic workman like skills, and since this the only career skill I got goin', to not get it all done, and, on the piece you did finish, to hit a field goal instead of a touchdown (see how I tied in that analogy?!) is not quite as exhilarating as winning the Superbowl (hey, I did it again!) as I've done (in a small way) with past Tribune pieces, but that's the mystery of drawing.

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