Friday, March 5, 2010

Paintings To Poop On!

Paintings For You To Poop On!
(the Art of the Toilet Seat)

The world's greatest artists have applied their craft on a unique canvas ... for your restroom enjoyment!

Opening Night Friday, March 26th 6pm

The Tattoo Factory Gallery
4443 N. Broadway
Chicago, Il. 60640
Things to say at the opening?

Art fit for a King!
You'll now say, "Hey, my 5 year old could sit on that!"
We aim to please so please aim!
Prizes for #1 and #2!
Our artists have sat down and squeezed out the fi
nest bathroom art EVER!
It's The Shit!
Honey, I swear I got that rash from a toilet seat at the Tattoo Factory!
An art movement!
Art so good it's infectious!
It'll bowl you over!

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