Friday, March 5, 2010

Most Important Meal of the Day!

I go grocery shopping with daughter Kieran every week at Aldi. My job is to throw a lot of basics in the cart and see if I can make them into meals at some point. Kieran's job is to distract me so she can stealthily bury chocolate/sugar/frosting covered treats in the mix or slide candy bars and gum on the conveyer belt at checkout when I'm looking elsewhere.

This morning I'm yelping (as usual), "Finish your breakfast! You didn't even TOUCH your cantaloupe!" Kieran looked at me as though I were an idiot, "Dad, I HATE cantaloupe!" "What?! YOU'RE the one that picked it out!" I Perry Masoned her back.
Kieran spoke slowly and clearly so the aforementioned idiot could understand," I only got the cantaloupe to cover up the Yogo's!

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