Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Hip (or, hip replacement)!

I mentioned previously that I discovered online radio stations (the week before I let you all in on my other recent discovery, McDonald's restaurants). Well, I rode KISS online into the ground (there's only so many times I can listen to the live version of "Domino". It's 127 if you were wondering). Plus it was hard to enjoy while son Leo shouted from the kitchen every 4 seconds, "That SUCKS!" He took pity on his elderly father, or was desperately trying to avoid hearing Gene and Paul (and the other rotating KISS members) again, when he punched in and showed me how to make my own radio station. We entered some groups I liked that were not KISS (Fountains of Wayne, MIA, Snow Patrol and MGMT), and Pandora made up a playlist of those and similar artists. Now Leo and Kieran will actually request that I turn it up (My kids like me! Sob!)! I got all happy about the new songs I was hearing and Leo rolled his eyes, pretended he was doing a Pete Townshend strum on an air guitar and sarcastically grunted, "DETROIT ROCK CITY!".I'm moving into the future as fast as my mobility scooter will let me!

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